Stay in style year ‘round with a fashionable Java Sok that comes in 10 different colors, and 3 different sizes

Grab at least two - one for your car and one for home or work.

Made from durable 4mm thick neoprene, and sturdy stitching, this drink holder can take anything life throws at it. This drink sleeve protects your desk from messy puddles and keeps your hands warm and dry with a flexible fitting design and covered bottom. Additionally, the thick insulating neoprene material allow for a much longer-lasting iced beverage (especially in the summer heat!).

Uniquely designed to fit Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Mcdonald’s & other popular brand cup sizes

  • Small Java Sok fits Starbucks Grande, Dunkin Donuts Small, and McDonald’s Small.
  • Medium Java Sok fits Starbucks Venti, Dunkin Donuts Medium, and Mcdonald’s Medium.
  • Large Java Sok fits Starbucks Trenta, Dunkin Donuts Large, and McDonald’s Large.

Java Sok